I had a neighbor for a while that would constantly bicker with her boyfriend. Bicker is too light of a word…Screaming matches would wake my roommates and I in the early hours of the morning. At first we would text each other “You guys hear that, right?” But it eventually became such a frequent occurrence, a static that we just got used to. I wondered if it would become physically abusive, thankfully it never did.

It always had me thinking about the power of love and comfort. Because there had to be some highs keeping those two together right? In fairness, as an observer only of the things said in anger, I was not in a position to witness any good times. Still, the lows seemed so hateful that I thought to myself all the time, “Why don’t you just break up?” That comfort is such an addiction. Highs so high that you are blinded to the lows

It also had me thinking about how closely love and hate are related. The more you love someone, the more someone loves you, the higher the stakes are in a way.

“Stop Breathing” was written from the female perspective. I felt like I knew her voice better, as she was the dominant force in their arguments.

Like I said a little earlier, I never saw their happy moments and hopefully they had plenty. I don’t want to make assumptions about people I don’t even know, but all the above is where my brain went. Though the song is about them, it’s really about the broader topic- love/comfort/addiction.


It’s your hands, it’s your tone

Your embrace, where did the embers go?

It’s your fault, no it’s mine

It’s that look, apathy in your eyes

Cause if you told me not to cry

I’d keep rain where it resides

And if you asked me not to move

I’d stop breathing

Are you scared?

Are you tired?

Well I’m right here and I don’t care if it takes a while

You are weak

No, you’re strong

So just say words, you cannot answer wrong

Still, if you told me not to cry

I’d keep rain where it resides

And if you asked me not to move

I’d stop breathing

And if you want me not to scream

I’ll speak silence in my dreams

Yea if you need the truth this time

I love you, but don’t know why

So don’t just tell me to calm down

Or I’ll shove pills into my mouth

Oh if you said that you were gone

I’d stop breathing